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Comprehensive Capabilities for Rapid Prototyping and Custom Fabrication

3D Printing

Create functional working prototypes, proof-of-concept models, display pieces, and more.

3D Design

You describe it, we design it. Describe your idea and requirements, and we will make an STL file which is ready for 3D Printing.

3D Scanning

Capture an object as a 3D model file for 3D Printed duplication, design modification, or reverse engineering.

3D Body Scanning

Capture any pose in high detail and full-color, on-site or at your location. 3D head scanning also available.

Custom Builds: Branded Elements + Props

Create unique branded marketing elements: tradeshow displays, experiential installations, branded signage, promotional products, and more. Full-service production, from start to finish.

Custom Trophies

Get a custom trophy made to order, according to your unique requirements.

Milled Foam Models

Our CNC Foam Milling and Foam Cutting services produce large-format parts and display pieces in EPS styrofoam or dense urethane foam.

Silicone Molding

Get a silicone mold made from a 3D Printed part. Our moldmaking services produce accurate and reusable molds for use with various casting materials, for easy part duplication.

Painting + Finishing

Turn 3D Printed parts into presentation-ready models and props. Capabilities include Pantone color matching, fine-detail model painting, metal patinas, and Gold Plating / Chrome Plating.

Reliability, On-Demand

Technical and Creative Guidance

If you're new to making things and need some one-on-one guidance, we're here to help. When it comes to building parts or producing designs, it's likely that there are multiple ways to get to the same outcome -- we're happy to define and discuss all available service options once we understand your needs.

Full-Service Pipeline

Our full set of creative, design, fabrication, and finishing services creates a seamless pipeline, allowing for the production of professionally finished goods based on even the most basic initial information.

From your napkin sketch, to a mass-producible product design. From your mood board, to a tradeshow display installation. From wherever you are, to wherever you want to be.

Attentive Project Management

Our system for delivering finished customer orders involves several checkpoints throughout each order, to verify that the order will proceed smoothly through all stages of its service pipeline. Our project management team aims to identify and avoid slow-downs and roadblocks before they are encountered.

When you have a critical deadline, we devise and execute a unique step-by-step workflow -- with emphasis on eliminating unpredictable elements -- to ensure that your project is completed on time.

Thousands of Completed Projects

Hollywood 3D Printing has a decade of success in providing creative design, engineering, and fabrication services to consumers and businesses who want to bring their ideas to life. We value communicative engagement with our customers, in order to facilitate a clear and efficient exchange of ideas and project requirements.

We provide customized design, on-demand rapid prototyping, and mixed-media fabrication services. Our reliable service pipeline guides your project to success according to your unique requirements.

Making Things Should Be Simple

With our detail-oriented approach and linear production workflows, complex projects are distilled into a series of clear objectives.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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