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Our turnkey production process covers planning, design, fabrication, and finishing -- getting you from concept to creation, all under one roof.

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Custom Trophies: Overview

Summary: How do you make custom trophies?

We start off by learning about your needs: what the trophy looks like, how tall it needs to be, what style of painting + finishing it needs to have, how many you need, and your production deadline.

From there, we create a three-dimensional design of the trophy and produce color rendering images to show you what the final trophy will look like. After you see the renderings, you can request revisions to the design, or approve it for production.

How long does it take?

Maybe you have an upcoming awards show, live event, or other commercial production -- if so, we always aim to work within your deadline. To this end, we will identify the production methods that will produce a finished piece within your allowable time frame.

If you're not working on a tight deadline, then you can expect standard turnaround on trophy orders to be 1-3 weeks, depending on size, quantity, and design complexity.

How are you different from a "trophy shop?"

While we do make trophies and awards for our customers, we are not like your traditional trophy shop. Trophy shops tend to stock only standard elements for bases and trophy toppers, and getting a trophy shop to make something custom can take a long time and require a large minimum order.

Unlike a standard trophy shop, we do not keep a stock of standard base + topper elements -- so if you are looking for a generic trophy, we are likely not your best choice.

There is no minimum order required -- you can order just one, if that's all you need -- and all pieces are designed and made to order, according to your unique requirements for size/shape, design aesthetic, and finished cosmetic appearance (painted, gold/chrome plated, etc.).

How much does it cost to make a custom trophy or award?

Costs vary depending on size, design complexity, finished appearance, and quantity ordered. To get a price quote, you can submit a quote request online and a Project Engineer will review your provided information and respond typically within 15-30 minutes.

Your trophy or award can be produced at any size and with multiple options for finished appearance, so if you are working on a specific budget, we can adjust production parameters to try to meet your target cost. For example: if a 16" tall, gold-plated award is out of your budget, then we can look at what a 14" tall version with gold painting will cost, and so on.

Work Samples: Custom Awards

Examples Gallery

gold and chrome plated trophy service in los angeles

Gold or Chrome Plating

We can apply a lustrous, true metallic gold plated or chrome plated finish to your trophies -- like what is shown here on this "America's Got Talent: The Champions" award.

custom trophy topper for commercial awards in in los angeles

Unique Trophy Toppers

Create any style of trophy topper you can imagine. This trophy topper is sculpted to achieve the likeness of J.K. Simmons, and appeared in print / televised ad promotions for Farmers Insurance Group.

trophies for entertainment awards ceremonies in los angeles

High-Profile Productions

We deliver to a high standard of finished quality, and many of our works are used on large productions which broadcast to large global audiences. This "Dancing With The Stars" trophy was awarded to the Season 28 champions.

branded custom trophies and awards in los angeles

Branded Trophies

Trophies and awards can be produced with branded graphics, and finished according to a specific color palette according to brand style requirements.

metal casting awards in los angeles

Mixed-Media Awards

Produce trophies and awards with a combination of 3D Printing and other traditional manufacturing techniques, like metal foundry casting. This award was made as an executive gift for Robert Downey, Jr., and the head is made of solid cast Iron -- Iron, for Ironman.

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How to Order

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Getting a Quote: Define Your Requirements

To get a price quote on a custom trophy or award, submit a quote request and tell us what you're looking to make -- be sure to mention if you have a specific deadline. A project engineer will review and respond, typically within 15-30 minutes.

If you have reference images or drawings -- or even pictures of something similar to what you want to produce -- including these materials in your initial request will ensure faster service.

We'll Propose a Solution

After we have a complete idea of the trophy or award you want to make, our Project Management team will propose a cost and timeline to deliver according to your requirements and within your deadline.

Turnkey Production

Our design team will first put together a three-dimensional model of your trophy, and provide you with color image renderings so you can visualize what the final piece will look like. You can request changes to the design or appearance, and we will revise and provide new image renderings.

Once you approve the design, our team of fabrication engineers and artists will bring the trophy design to life as a professionally-finished, presentation-quality final piece.