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Turn your ideas and drawings into fully realized digital 3D Models ready for 3D Printing, or reverse-engineer an existing part for modification or duplication.

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3D Design: Overview

Summary: What is 3D Design?

3D Design is the process of using 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to create a 3D Model file, which is a three-dimensional digital representation of a physical object. If you want to 3D Print an object, it must first exist as a 3D Model file in one of the following file formats: STL, OBJ, STEP/STP, or IGES/IGS.

Our 3D Design services produce the necessary files you need for 3D Printing. Your digital 3D Model is created and designed following the requirements and input information you provide our team: simple sketches with dimensions, written descriptions, and reference images of similar existing designs.

How does the 3D Design process work?

Based on the information you provide -- simple sketches with dimensions, written descriptions, and reference images of similar existing designs -- either an engineer or digital artist on our design team will craft a 3D Model that meets your stated requirements.

This first revision of the 3D Model file is made available to you via an online 3D Viewer, where you can review the design and request revisions if necessary. Once the 3D Model meets your approval, a download link is provided so you can access the file.

Your finished 3D Model file is delivered to you in one of the following "3D-Printing-ready" file formats: STL, OBJ, STEP/STP, or IGES/IGS. This "3D Printer file" is now ready to use for rapid prototyping and 3D Printed production.

What type of designs are possible?

We offer two types of 3D Design services: Solid Modeling CAD + Engineering Services for the creation of precise functional models and product designs, or Organic Modeling + Digital Sculpting Services for all other 3D Design needs: organic forms, character designs, figurines, trophies, or other ornamental parts.

If you can describe it, we can design it.

What is a 3D Model file?

A 3D Model file is a three-dimensional digital representation of a physical object, typically in one of the following file types: STL, OBJ, STEP/STP, or IGES/IGS.

These files can be opened for viewing using the online 3D Model Viewer tool in your user account, or

Is 3D Design a necessary step before 3D Printing?

If you don't have a 3D Model file, then yes: you will need to create a 3D Model file for a part before you can 3D Print that part.

Ideas, drawings, or handmade mockups are all helpful towards turning your ideas into reality -- but they must first be incorporated into a digital 3D Model file, prior to 3D Printing. Learn more

I have an idea for a design -- how do I properly describe it to you?

In order to clearly explain your ideas in such a way that they can be turned into a design, you will need to provide three types of information: simple sketches with dimensions, a written description, and reference images of any existing similar designs.

Once you have all of these three types of information, you can submit a quote request online and a Project Engineer from our team will get back to you with next steps.

I actually have an existing physical part to start with. How does that work?

A physical object can be converted into a digital 3D Model with either 3D Scanning or reverse engineering, or a combination thereof.

3D Scanning uses a light-projection scanner to optically map the surface of your part and create a detailed 3D Model file. Reverse engineering is a manual method for producing solid model CAD files of existing parts, by taking precise measurements of all relevant geometric features on the part and building the CAD model one feature at a time.

Do I own the completed designs that Hollywood 3D Printing creates for me?

Yes. Hollywood 3D Printing provides 3D Design services for hire, and completed designs are the intellectual property of the customer.

How to order / get a 3D Design quote

Once you have your project information ready, you can submit a quote request and a project engineer will review and respond to your request, typically within 15-30 minutes.

Common Applications of 3D Design

Examples Gallery

custom 3d figurine maker service in los angeles

Digital Sculpting

Our digital sculpting services transform your sketches and reference images into full-featured 3D model files, ready for 3D printing.

mechanical engineering and 3D CAD design services in los angeles

Product Design

Mechanical design services for detailed product design and engineering. Finished 3D CAD models are provided in STEP file format and can be used for 3D Printing or other manufacturing services like Injection Molding or CNC Machining.

reverse engineer a part into a 3D CAD Model in STL or STEP file format in los angeles

Reverse Engineering

Starting with a physical part, a solid model 3D CAD file is created by measuring geometric features, and building the 3D Model in mechanical design software.

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Visual Renderings

Get detailed full-color 3D visualization of your designs.

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Get connected to a project manager, and take the next step with your prototyping or fabrication needs.

How to Order

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Provide a Description and Reference Materials

The first step in the 3D Design process is to provide a description of the part you're looking to make: What does it look like from the front, side, and top views? What are its approximate dimensions? Are there aspects of the design which are similar to other existing designs, which you can show us? Does it need to have moving parts or perform a specific function, or is this purely ornamental?

Your initial design description should be provided as a set of simple sketches with dimensions, written descriptions, and reference images of existing designs that are similar to what you're looking to create.

When you have these materials ready, submit an online quote request and a project engineer will review and respond, typically within 15-30 minutes.

We Design It, You Review It

Based on your provided descriptions, we will create a 3D Design and send you a link to view the 3D Model online.

Any necessary changes you identify will be addressed and revised, and this process repeats until you approve the 3D Model as completed.

Receive Your 3D Model File

Your finished 3D Design file will be sent to you through an online download link. Finished 3D Design files are always ready for prototyping and fabrication using 3D Printing.