We carry your project from concept to creation with our full lineup of design, fabrication, and finishing capabilities.

3D Printing

Create detailed models, display pieces, prototypes, and more. Get highly-detailed parts made in SLA Resin, or basic general-purpose parts in PLA Plastic. You can provide your 3D Model files in STL, OBJ, or STEP file format -- if you don't have a 3D Model file, we can create one for you.

3D Design

You describe it, we design it. We'll create a 3D Design for you, based on your creative or technical requirements. Start here if you want to make something, but don't yet have a 3D Model file.

3D Scanning

Capture any object as a high-resolution 3D Model file for 3D Printed duplication, design modification, or reverse engineering.

3D Body Scanning

Capture a person's full-body pose as a 3D Model with high resolution. Make an appointment at our place or yours.

Milled Foam Models

Our CNC Foam Milling and Foam Cutting services produce large-format parts and display pieces in EPS styrofoam or dense urethane foam.

Mold Making

Get a silicone mold made from a 3D Printed part. Our moldmaking services produce accurate and reusable molds for use with various casting materials, for easy part duplication.

Painting + Finishing

Turn 3D Printed parts into presentation-ready models and props. Capabilities include Pantone color matching, fine-detail model painting, metal patinas, and Gold Plating / Chrome Plating.