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3D Printing: Overview

Summary: What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is a manufacturing process which produces physical parts, in a number of different plastic material options. There is no minimum quantity required for 3D Printing: you can make a single one-off part just, or you can make hundreds or even thousands of the same part.

Also known as Rapid Prototyping, this process turns 3D Model files into precise physical objects for use as functional end-use parts, functional prototypes for product development, display pieces, mold patterns and mold tooling, and more.

Material options for 3D Printing

General-purpose ABS Plastic, detailed SLA Resin, and tough SLS Nylon. Learn more

What do 3D Printed parts look like?

ABS Plastic and SLS Nylon parts are white by default, but can be 3D Printed using black material upon request. With SLA Resin, you have two options: white or translucent clear.

If you need your 3D Printed parts to have a specific color or painted appearance, we do offer detailed model-painting, Pantone color-matching, and airbrush/spraypaint services.

How to order / get a 3D Printing quote

To 3D Print something, you must have 3D Model files in one of these file formats: STL, OBJ, STEP/STP, or IGES/IGS. If you do not have a 3D Model file, we do provide 3D Design and 3D Scanning services to create a 3D Model file for you.

You have two options for ordering 3D Printed parts: you can create an account to get instant quotes and place orders online, or you can submit a quote request and a project engineer will review and respond to your request, typically within 15-30 minutes.

Common Applications of 3D Printing

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3d print and prototype service in los angeles

Rapid Prototyping

Strong plastic parts for practical use and testing form, fit, and function.

3d printed art and 3d printed sculptures in los angeles

High-Detail Models

Produce accurate parts with crisp and clean features.

product design and 3d printing inventions service in los angeles

Product Design

Effective prototyping speeds up your product development cycle, proving your designs and getting you to market faster.

model maker and prop making service in los angeles

Branded Elements + Promotional Items

Create one-of-a-kind pieces that can't be found anywhere else.

3d printed molds and molding service in los angeles

Rapid Mold Tooling

Create master tool patterns for molding reproduction in a variety of casting materials.

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How to Order

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Upload or Send Your 3D Model Files

If you have 3D Model files ready, you can get an instant online quote and order your 3D printed parts online. If you need some guidance or don't have 3D Model files, you can get one-on-one help from our project engineering team by submitting an online quote request.

We Build Your Parts

Your parts are made to order, according to your chosen material and quantity. All 3D model files undergo quality checks to ensure successful results.

Pickup or Shipping

Choose to have your order shipped to your door, or do local curbside pickup at our storefront location in Los Angeles.

Material Options

Full Material Specs

picture of a black ABS Plastic 3d printed prototype made in los angeles

ABS Plastic: General-Purpose

This hard, sturdy material is ideal for quick general prototyping and confirmation of form, fit, and function. ABS Plastic parts are accurate and consistent, however part surfaces do show visible build lines, especially along organically curved surfaces.

picture of a white SLA Resin 3d printed prototype made in los angeles

SLA Resin: Highly Detailed

SLA Resin is ideal for parts which need to have a high level of accurate detail and a smooth surface. This is the ideal material option to create tools and patterns for silicone molding, or for display pieces which need to be hand-painted.

picture of a black SLS Nylon 12PA 3d printed prototype made in los angeles

SLS Nylon: Tough, Impact-Resistant

This versatile nylon plastic can be used in both prototyping and end-use products. SLS Nylon parts are durable, with a higher tensile strengh than other materials: thinner parts will withstand more stress without snapping. This material has a smooth yet grainy texture, and is not recommended for parts which require further sanding and/or painting.