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3D Scanning: Overview

Summary: What is 3D Scanning?

3D Scanning is the process of digitally capturing the complete suface geometry of a physical part. This results in a 3D Model in STL file format. This 3D Model is a complete and precise three-dimensional version of your original part, with dimensions and surface geometry matching that of the original part.

How accurate is 3D Scanning?

Our 3D laser scanning process is accurate to 60 microns (0.060mm), or two thousands of an inch (0.002"). All visible surface detail on your part will be captured to a high degree of accuracy, and it's not uncommon for 3D scanning to reveal blemishes on a part that aren't easily visible to the naked eye.

Can you modify my part after scanning?

Yes -- once we 3D Scan your part, the resulting digital model can be resized or cleaned up to smooth out any unwanted blemishes. Beyond that, any type of modification is possible; if you can describe it, we can do it.

How long does it take?

The 3D Scanning process typically takes 1-3 days, depending on the size and complexity of your part.

How do I get my part to you for scanning?

To get your part to our storefront location, you can either drop it off any time Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:30PM, or ship it to us (please provide a return shipping label).

I need a CAD file in STEP or IGES format, not an STL file. Is this possible?

Yes -- after producing the STL file from the 3D Scan data, the 3D Model can be further converted to true CAD data to generate STEP or IGES files. Creating a STEP file from your 3D Scan data can be quoted separetely upon request.

Can I use my 3D Scan file for 3D Printing?

Yes -- the STL file that you receive when the scan is completed is sized properly and ready for 3D Printing.

Common Applications of 3D Scanning

Examples Gallery

sculpture 3d scanning service in los angeles

Sculpture Reproduction

Capture precise surface details on any physical object.

reverse engineering and duplicate parts with 3d scanning in los angeles

Part Duplication

Reproduce a discontinued part, or digitally repair and recreate a broken item.

3d body scanning and 3d head scanning services in los angeles

3D Body Scanning

Digitally capture a person or group, in full-color and in any pose.

3d scanning services in los angeles

Custom Fabrication

3D Scanning provides baseline real-world data, from which customized items can be shaped and created to fit any form and function.

how to 3d scan and modify or duplicate a part

Design Modification

Digitally modify any existing object according to your specifications.

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How to Order

Get a Quote

Getting a Quote: Send Pictures of Part

To get a price quote to 3D Scan your part, submit a quote request and include a couple different images of your part. A project engineer will review and respond, typically within 15-30 minutes.

If you need to modify or resize your 3D Scan data in any way, be sure to mention this when submitting a quote request.

Supply the Part + Specify Required Design Modifications

To begin your 3D Scanning order, drop off or ship your part to our storefront location. 3D Scanning lead-times vary due to part size and complexity, but we will typically need to hold your part for 1-3 days to complete service.

Your part will be digitally captured in high-detail using our 3D laser scanning process, and any requested design modifications will be performed according to your specifications. Commonly requested modifications include resizing parts and smoothing / cleaning up surface blemishes, but any type of digital design modification is possible.

Download Your Completed 3D Scan File

Your finished 3D Scan data is exported as a 3D-print-ready STL file, and is sent to you through an online download link.