3D Scanning

Digitally capture physical objects and people with high fidelity. Modify, resize, and replicate.

High-Resolution Object Scanning

Capturing the physical form of an object as a 3D Model file is the starting point to a number of different processes: interface design, restoration, complex fitments, packaging design, or just simple replication. Your 3D Scan Order results in a 3D Model file which can be further modified with our 3D Design services.

3D Body Scanning

Capture a person's full form -- or just a portion of the body -- in full 3D. This is a great entry point for creating custom figurines, masks, helmets, or anything has to conform with or fit onto a specific person's body. Appointments can be made either on-site at your location or here at our offices. Click below to get set up with a 3D Scanning Order.

The Process

Upload Images of Object

Based on the images of the object you're looking to 3D Scan, we'll provide a flat-rate quote for the service.

3D Scanning Process

When you place your order, you can select an option to get a prepaid shipping label to send your part(s) in for 3D Scanning, or you can do Will-Call dropoff at our offices.

Download Your 3D Model

When your 3D Scanning order is complete, you'll be given online access to download your 3D Model file(s).

Have you tried 3D Design?

Sometimes an object is a better candidate for 3D Design than 3D Scanning. Even though most objects can be 3D Scanned, there are a number of scenarios where 3D Design will result in a better end result for your specific use.

Start something today

To get up and running with a project, gather your reference information and submit an online request.

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