One-of-a-kind Creations

Thoughtful design, modern fabrication, and detailed finishing come together to create items you quite literally can't find anywhere else.

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You describe it.
We create it.

Our end-to-end process will transform your idea into a pristine custom physical piece. Whether you have detailed drawings or just a basic description, we're ready for you.

Sit back, relax.
We got this.

With over a decade of experience in full-service custom fabrication, we guarantee on-time delivery of high-quality pieces. Our creative design process ensures that you'll know exactly how your parts will look, before we even start making them.

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3D Design

You describe it, we design it. Based on any reference images or simple sketches or drawings, we design your part to create the 3D Model file required for 3D Printing.

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High-Detail 3D Printing

We 3D Print your items in high-resolution plastic, to produce incredibly detailed parts that can be painted or finished to achieve your desired appearance.

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Painting and Finishing

We transform your 3D Printed parts into finished presentation-ready items. Capabilities include Pantone color matching, fine-detail model painting, and Gold Plating / Chrome Plating.

Start Creating Today

Connect with our creative team today, and we'll start a discussion about your creative requirements and production deadline.