Transform Ideas into Print-Ready Digital Models

Organic Modeling + Sculpting, or Mechanical Design + CAD

3d design and 3d modeling services in santa monica and los angeles

Define Requirements

We communicate directly with you to determine overall goals as well as specific individual requirements.

Use our rapid 3D Design team to convert your ideas and inventions into 3D Model file.

Professional Design

Our expert digital artists and engineers produce digital 3D Model assets according to your specifications.

guaranteed accuracy with 3D Design and 3D Modeling in los angeles and santa monica

Revisions Process

You review the first-pass result, and give any revision notes you want. This feedback process guarantees a successful design.

Organic Modeling + Digital Sculpting

Our experienced digital team turns concepts, drawings, and descriptions into detailed 3D Model files.

Mechanical + CAD

Design a single part, or create complex assemblies.

Do you have a physical object?

If you have a physical object that you need to reference, copy or modify, 3D Scanning may be a better option than 3D Design. Our 3D Scanning services allow you to capture complex surfaces in perfect detail.

3d scanning services and body scanning in los angeles and santa monica

Is 3D Design just the first step?

If getting a 3D Design is just the beginning of a more involved effort, we recommend our Beyond 3D service. As a Beyond 3D customer, you receive access to our full lineup of creative services, and production is handled with a high-touch, deadline-driven approach.

local sanding, painting, and finishing services 3d printed parts in los angeles and santa monica

Detailed Finishing

custome camera-ready 3d Printed trophies and props in los angeles and santa monica

Props + Trophies

tradeshow displays, 3d printing for events and commercials

Custom Installations

Start something today

To get up and running with a project, gather your reference information and submit an online request.