Client Project

LA Auto Show: Honda Experiential Tradeshow Display

Client: George P. Johnson / Honda

Purpose: Experiential Tradeshow Display Element

George P. Johnson is a world leader in creating live experiences for big brands. Our collaboration on Honda's experience at the LA Auto show brought to life the vision of a whimsical cartoon cityscape for the "Honda Blue Skies" installation at the 2017 LA Auto Show.

This display was designed to add a three-dimensional element to the otherwise flat digital city and landscape backgrounds. The build combines 3D printing in ABS Plastic for the mountain range, SLS Nylon for the skyscrapers, and SLA Resin for the miniature tree elements.

Once painted with the client-requested color palette, the assembled display piece was mounted to a custom cut half-inch acrylic plate, and mounted on an interactive touch-screen display.

Services Used

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3D Design

Based on a creative deck and engineering drawings from the client, the landscape scenery was digitallly sculpted as a three-dimensional model. The skyscrapers were designed with angled bottom edges which matched the slope angle of the touchscreen display.

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3D Printing

The display piece was 3D Printed in separate elements: SLA Resin for the trees, SLS Nylon for the skyscrapers, and ABS Plastic for the mountain range.

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Model Painting

Elements were hand-painted to match a color palette provided by the client, ensuring visual cohesion with the surrounding tradeshow display elements.

Featured Material

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SLA Resin

SLA Resin material is ideal for accurate parts which need to have a smooth surface finish. This is a cost-effective solution for creating very smooth parts at any size.

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