Client Project

Hilton Corporate Event: Custom Trophies

Client: Hilton

Purpose: Custom Trophies

Given the task of visually communicating the philosophy behind several Hilton corporate memes, we ideated these three unique trophy designs.

The finished pieces were presented to winners during a massive annual corporate event celebrating all members of Hilton's Western Hemisphere hotel management.

The designs each represent a unique element of either the Hilton brand or Hilton corporate culture: The Heart of Hilton, Hilton Highways, and "Genius of the And."

Services Used

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3D Design

Based on reference images and sketches from the client, three individual trophy topper concepts were devised and 3D sculpted. Upon client approval, the finished 3D model files are exported and ready for 3D printing.

3d print and prototyping service company in los angeles

3D Printing

All pieces were 3D Printed in a durable SLS Nylon material, to create resilient pieces and to ensure that the more delicate details don't break when handled.

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Chrome Plating

The trophy toppers were given a true metallic chrome finish and assembled onto painted matte black bases with personalized engraved metal plaques.

Material Used

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SLS Nylon

Durable and versatile nylon plastic can be used in both prototyping and end-use products. Nylon parts are 3D Printed using a process known as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), which produces items with a higher tensile strength compared to SLA Resin. Thinner parts can bend and flex without shattering. Thick parts are very strong.

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