Client Project

Hennessy Brand Activation: Executive Gifts

Client: Hennessy / McClean Design

Purpose: Brand Activation

Renowned acrhitecture firm McClean Design teamed up with Hennessy to run a brand activation at a newly-opened McClean property in the Hollywood Hills. Attendees received an executive gift box containing this custom-made ice bucket.

Based on McClean Design's original concept art of a jagged ice block, this bucket was designed to sit within a tinted acrylic box. One original "master" piece was 3D Printed in Resin and then reproduced in multiples using a silicone mold.

The final bucket pieces were then electroplated with a true metallic Chrome finish, and decals for both the McClean Design and Hennessy brands were placed on the tinted acrylic bucket housings.

Services Used

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3D Design

Based on reference images and sketches from the client, the miniature scuba diver figurine, treasure chest, and lock were sculpted as 3D models ready for 3D printing.

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3D Printing

The miniature hero prop pieces were 3D printed in a smooth, highly-detailed plastic material.

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Model Painting

The miniature props were painted by hand according to client's requested color scheme, and finished with a protective coating for their use on set while submerged in a fish tank.

Material Used

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SLA Resin

SLA Resin material is ideal for accurate parts which need to have a smooth surface finish. This is a cost-effective solution for creating very smooth parts at any size.

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