Client Project

Metallic Container Props, Chipotle Commercial

Client: Chipotle / WoodShop Studios

Purpose: Commercial Prop Models

These metallic food containers were created for a hero shot in a Chipotle commercial, and designed based on physical samples provided by customers of a similar container of a different size. These uniquely-sized pieces were needed to establish a shot where standard-size metal containers wouldn't have worked properly for framing and sizing.

With a turnaround time of three days, custom 3D models were created and 3D printed in ABS Plastic. The containers were then sanded, and paint-matched to a metallic silver to match the originals.

See the results here (props appear at 0:40).

Services Used

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3D Design

Based on a sample container and modified measurement specs from client, the containers were drawn in 3D CAD format ready for 3D Printing.

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3D Printing

The container pieces were 3D Printed in a durable white ABS Plastic to allow for practical use and handling on set.

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Model Painting

Our finishing team iterated through multiple paint samples, testing each finish under different light conditions until the final metallic paint-match had been achieved and approved by client.

Material Used

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ABS Plastic

This hard, sturdy material is ideal for quick general prototyping and confirmation of form, fit, and function. ABS Plastic parts are accurate and consistent, however part surfaces do show visible build lines, especially along organically curved surfaces. These lines can be sanded down smooth to create display pieces.

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