Client Project

Enlarged Product Display for Tradeshow Event

Client: BrioGeo

Purpose: Tradeshow Marketing Display

This larger-than-life version of BrioGeo's hair care product container was produced with exacting detail, including all brand graphics and packaging text.

Starting with a sample of the actual product, a 3D model was created and 3D printed in plastic. The finished piece was finished and painted according to the original color scheme, and die-cut graphic decals were applied to the surface to recreate the detail on the original product.

Services Used

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3D Design

A 3D model file was drawn in CAD to match the original product jar, and a cream top piece was sculpted separately. The interior of the jar was given a space for placement of a magnet, to allow for levitation.

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3D Printing

The jar and separate cream top piece were 3D Printed in a durable white ABS Plastic

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Model Painting

The jar and cream top components were color-matched in a spray-booth and given a protective coating, to prevent damage during on-site handling. Die-cut vinyl decal stickers were precisely applied to the white jar to recreate the original brand logo and product packaging text.

Material Used

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ABS Plastic

This hard, sturdy material is ideal for quick general prototyping and confirmation of form, fit, and function. ABS Plastic parts are accurate and consistent, however part surfaces do show visible build lines, especially along organically curved surfaces. These lines can be sanded down smooth to create display pieces.

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