Client Project

Custom Bobbblehead Figurines: DJ Carnage + G-Eazy

Client: RCA Records

Purpose: Promotional Campaign

These caricature-style custom bobbleheads were produced for the release of a Single collaboration between the two artists, and used by their record label as photoshoot props for album artwork and social media promotion releases.

Services Used

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3D Design

Based on reference images of the musicians, caricature-style figurines were sculpted as full-turn 3D models to match likeness and clothing style.

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3D Printing

The miniature bobblehead pieces were 3D printed in a smooth, highly-detailed plastic material.

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Model Painting

The bobbleheads were painted by hand to match reference images, and finished with a protective coating.

Material Used

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SLA Resin

SLA Resin material is ideal for accurate parts which need to have a smooth surface finish. This is a cost-effective solution for creating very smooth parts at any size.

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