Client Project

3D Printed Helmet for Motion Capture

Client: Warner Brothers

Purpose: Production Engineering

Our sister company MOCAP Design makes helmet-mounted facial capture hardware: they design, manufacture, and sell the world's most mechanically stable and comfortable mounting systems for capturing facial performance for use in creation of detailed CGI characters.

This equipment has been used on dozens of major video game titles, commercials and films. Here we've included a behind-the-scenes production image of Wonderwoman parrying a blow from Doomsday...okay, it's not actually Doomsday in the photo, but hey -- that's showbusiness baby.

Services Used

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3D Scanning

We captured a 3D scan of the actor's head, and used the resulting 3D model data to inform the size and shape of the helmet. This ensures a stable and comfortable fit for each actor's unique head size and shape.

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3D Design

Based off of the 3D scan data, our mechanical engineering team designed a 3D CAD helmet assembly that fits the actor's head and holds a camera in front of the face.

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3D Printing

Each individual piece of the helmet product assembly is 3D printed in a durable ABS plastic.

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Custom Fabrication

The individual 3D printed parts of the helmet are assembled along with custom-shaped anodized aluminum tubing and off-the-shelf fasteners and mounting hardware. Custom-upholstered padding lines the interior shape of the two headshell pieces.

Material Used

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ABS Plastic

This hard, sturdy material is ideal for quick general prototyping and confirmation of form, fit, and function. ABS Plastic parts are accurate and consistent, however part surfaces do show visible build lines, especially along organically curved surfaces. These lines can be sanded down smooth to create display pieces.

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