Client Project

Honeycomb 3D Printed Mask for American Horror Story

Client: FX

Purpose: Photoshoot Hero Prop

These one-of-a-kind geometric "honeycomb" masks were created based on original concepts from the show's talented Art Direction and Costume Design team.

To start off, we 3D Scanned the model's head in order to capture the precise contour and shape of her face, which was loaded into a digital environment to serve as a basis for the creation of form-fitting pieces. Two variants on a geometric mesh pattern were produced in durable SLS Nylon material and painted matte black.

Services Used

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3D Scanning

A model's face was captured in high-resolution detail using optical 3D Scanning. This resulting 3D model is used as a digital form, over which the final mask can be modeled to ensure a perfectly contoured fit.

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3D Design

Based on the real-world 3D scan data, a form-fitting mask was digitally sculpted and given an intricate honeycomb lattice aesthetic.

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3D Printing

Masks were 3D Printed in a durable, semi-flexible SLS Nylon material to allow for handling and wardrobe fitting through multiple production takes.

Material Used

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SLS Nylon

Durable and versatile nylon plastic can be used in both prototyping and end-use products. Nylon parts are 3D Printed using a process known as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), which produces items with a higher tensile strength compared to SLA Resin. Thinner parts can bend and flex without shattering. Thick parts are very strong.

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