CNC Foam Milling Services

Create any object in EPS or Polyurethane foam.

Quick turnaround on 5-axis CNC foam milling services in Los Angeles.


styrofoam model and eps cnc foam milling services in los angeles

Styrofoam EPS

Create styrofoam models in any shape and size. This EPS foam material is lightweight and a good option for models without fine or intricate details.

foam model and cnc polyurethane foam milling services in los angeles

Polyurethane Foam

If you are looking for a material which allows for a higher level of fine detail, we offer 4-lb and 6-lb polyurethane foam.

custom foam models and painted foam sculptures in los angeles

Hard Coating

Coat your CNC foam models with a hard epoxy shell, so they can be smoothed and painted.

custom foam models and painted foam sculptures in los angeles


Get fully-finished display pieces, painted to perfection with any color or style.

How It Works

Define Requirements

Define your needs using reference images of similar items or a simple sketch, and a written description.

Design + Review

We create a 3D model based on your design requirements, and present it to you for review and revision. Any changes you identify will be addressed, and this process repeats until you approve the 3D model file.

Start 3D Printing

Your completed 3D model file will be delivered via download link, and is ready for 3D printing production.

Let's create something.

Submit your project requirements, or use our online platform for instant self-service.