Metal Plated Popcorn Toppers for the MTV Movie Awards


We teamed up with MTV to create over 3 dozen custom popcorn trophies for the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards. With approximately 20 million viewers per week, MTV Networks used its widely watched  platform to showcase our featured trophy in nationally televised award show promos alongside actor and comedian Adam Devine. Capturing the essence of the MTV brand, the commercial trophy was used as a comedic prop for Adam Devine to trigger for a popcorn-filled explosion. Billboards and bus stop ads across Los Angeles photographed the award but altered the Metal-Plated popcorn kernels to resemble the face of the  humorous host. To create this particular hero prop, we 3D Modeled a cup based off of the solo cup design and then scaled-up the model before 3D Printing it.  The large solo cup was Finished and Airbrushed a glossy red and white to complement the branded colors of the event. For the popcorn topper, existing MTV Movie award trophies were 3D Scanned and modified in CAD software to perfectly fit the popcorn into both the large, commercial-prop trophy, as well as the smaller solo-cup popcorn awards.  We 3D Printed + Metal-Plated dozens of the smaller popcorn toppers that were used in additional award campaigns and festivities revolving around the star studded event in Los Angeles.



Airbrushing & Detail Painting the GEICO Gecco's Golf Cart


Known for their award-winning ad campaigns, GEICO has made a name for itself with its gecko mascot, who has appeared in over 150 commercials as of 2017.   We partnered with GEICO to create custom hero props for their beloved icon to be featured in their national commercial, “Golfing in the Carolina’s."  As most GEICO commercials include an air of humor, this ad we no different as it included a miniature golf cart and clubs that the gecko carted around with him on a full scale mini golf course.  To create these props, we took a 3D Model of a life-size golf-cart and modified it on CAD software to make it suitable for 3D Printing. The 3D Printed pieces were sanded and primed for 3D Airbrushing in a glossy finish that made the golf cart look incredibly realistic. The gecko’s set of clubs and carrier were Hand-Painted in fine detail --including a zipper and logo on the case.  The completed props were the most comical part of the commercial as their size contrasted with the life size miniature golf-course.  


G-Eazy xDJ Carnage_overlay_112717.png

Custom Fabricated + Assembled Bobbleheads for DJ Carnage & G-Eazy


We collaborated with G-Eazy and DJ Carnage to Custom Fabricate bobbleheads for their “Step Brothers” EP cover. The personalized bobbleheads were also featured for the music video promo for their song “Guala, Guala”. We customized the pieces in their entirety to accurately match the artists and their visions. We 3D Modeled the pieces - replicating the artists to our best ability. We 3D Printed with ABS Plastic --allowing us to Finish + Paint the pieces with fine detail. We then Assembled them with springs to create the bobble-head feature.



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