Robert Downey Jr's Custom Rotocast Head Lights


In an exclusive tour of Robert Downey Jr’s magical Hamptons home in Architectural Digest, our custom-made 3D Printed light was featured in the actor's abode. With scan data from Iron Man's head, we 3D Printed 250 miniature bud vases and then Rotocasted 250 translucent plastic head-lamps from silicone molds --all in Robert Downey Jr's likeness. The rest of the custom RDJ heads were given away as holiday gifts from Team Downey.



MailChimp's SnailPrimp Campaign


We partnered with the marketing automation platform MailChimp for their promotional pop-up event, SnailPrimp. This campaign promoted one their many satirical businesses they created which was wordplay on their own name. Some of the others went by FailChips, MailShrimp, KaleLimp, MailCrimp and so forth. SnailPrimp was designed as a cosmetic line of snail skincare products. With that knowledge, we 3D Modeled the  pieces in likeness to a snail and customized it to perfectly fit a beauty blender. We 3D Printed several snail shells with beauty blenders attached to them, which perfectly fit the event's theme of snail skincare products. The high quality pieces garnered attention from the experiential campaign -illustrating the unique ways 3D Printing can leverage a brand.



Design for World of Warcraft's Battle of Azeroth


We partnered with Liquid Advertising and Blizzard to create a World of Warcraft Battle of Azeroth display involving 3D Printing over 11,000 unique, red & blue miniature Warcraft avatar figurines. Using SLS Nylon Powder, we were able to mass produce thousands of intricate, one-of-a-kind characters, delivering a physical world for gamers to feel fully immersed in.  Prior to delivery, we created graphic proposals outlining the project for our clients to help illustrate their vision. Once the display design was approved, we got to work to 3D Design thousands of unique Warcraft player characters for the job.  Upon completion, each unique figure was given a specific ID number, packaged, and shipped. The final scene with the 11,000+ characters was brought to life at BlizzCon 2017 and the display was immortalized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Largest Videogame Diorama.



McClean & Hennessy's Custom Metal Plated Molded Ice Buckets


Hosted by actor and philanthropist Armie Hammer, for the event Hennessy X.O on Ice, we took architect Paul McClean’s design and Custom Fabricated Hennessy ice buckets. The private dinner in Beverly Hills served to unveil Hennessy X.O’s new 3-D Printed ice bucket designed by the architect himself. As an experiential marketing campaign, the ice bucket encouraged serving Hennessy X.O, the world's original Extra Old Cognac, on ice to best enjoy the spirit’s multi-sensory taste. In one of McClean’s latest homes, guests were taken on a multi-sensory journey with an intimate dinner overlooking the sparkling lights of Los Angeles. We 3D Printed his design, then Finished + Molded the pieces. The parts were then Metal-Plated and inserted into custom acrylic boxes. Lastly, fine, laser-cut vinyl letters were added to complete the ice buckets.



Honda's Interactive Installation at the LA Auto Show


We collaborated with the top automotive manufacturers, Honda for their Blue Skies Installation at the 2016 LA Autoshow. Honda’s primary goal of the interactive experience was to make people's’ dreams become reality - expanding the boundaries of human mobility. We 3D Printed and Painted two sets of twelve buildings along with a mountain range filled with miniature trees --complementing an interactive touch screen display with facts about their vehicles and the environment. Our striking display brought their concept to life and was distributed around the country for various auto shows.



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