World of Warcraft Users

35,000 +

BlizzCon '17 Attendees

11,000 +

Unique, 3D Printed Avatars


Guinness Overlay_white2.png

Blizzard Entertainment's Custom Battle of Azeroth Diorama

With 11 million World of Warcraft users worldwide, Blizzard Entertainment wanted to give back to their devout fanbase. For Blizzard's 2017 Convention, the internationally known gaming company partnered with us to create their Guinness-Award-Winning World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth diorama, 3D Printing over 11,000 unique, miniature Warcraft avatar figurines.  Blizzcon brought in over 35,000 attendees --making the convention’s 11th year their highest attendance yet.  Using 3D Printing technology, we were able to mass produce thousands of intricate, one-of-a-kind characters, delivering a panoramic diorama for gamers to feel fully immersed in.

Completed WoW Figure Isolated_02_ Blue_011517.jpg


1. Creative Proposal: Visual outline of job

2. 3D Design: In-House Custom Scripting

3.  Fabrication: SLS 3D Printing

4.  Finishing: Color Dying

5.  Delivery: Labeling & Packaging

Completed WoW Figure Isolated_ Red_Original_03_011517.jpg

1. Creative Proposal

We constructed graphic and detailed proposals outlining the project for Blizzard to help illustrate their vision. With the display design approved, we worked on the CAD Design for over 11,000 uniquely customized World of Warcraft characters belonging to BlizzCon 2017 attendees.  


2. 3D Design

We collected the avatars’ 3D data from the World of Warcraft game and revised them appropriately for 3D Printing. Using our in-house custom scripting, we decimated each avatar and added a numbered base to every single character. With over 11 million World of Warcraft users and 6 customization options, each of these avatars were unique and distinguished by race, class, and armor.


3. Fabrication

We manufactured the pieces, scaling each character to that of an army man toy.  SLS Nylon 3D Printing was used to produce the massive order as the process doesn’t have structural supports during printing. This allowed for batches of about 100 smooth and seamless figurines to be printed at a time --enabling the process to move at a rapid rate.


4. Finishing

To create brilliant, chip-resistant color, we dipped 11,000 figurines in blue or red dye. To stay true to the brand, we developed a custom strategy to dye-match the World of Warcraft colors using the Pantone matching system. The two colors precisely represented characters of either the Alliance (blue) or the Horde (red).


5. Delivery

The 11,000 figurines were given a specific identification number, labeled, individually packaged, and delicately shipped. Meeting all deadlines, the characters were brought to life at BlizzCon 2017.


With the exclusive BlizzCon app or online link, thousands of users were allowed to locate their character on the vast 36ft x 36ft diorama and get acquainted with the new World of Warcraft expansion. The event garnered attention throughout social media, with BlizzCon attendees sharing their characters and admiration. Taking over 1,300 square feet of battlefield, the striking display was immortalized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Largest Video Game Diorama.