American Horror Story's custom 3D Scanning, Modeling, and Printing


For the Emmy Award winning series American Horror Story, FX Networks wanted to tease the theme of the next installment. We partnered with the horror anthology show to develop two eerie masks for their newest season “Cult”. American Horror Story is known for their renown ad campaigns, giving fans a tantalizing appeal prior to each season premiere. We 3D Scanned the talent to use as a base to 3D Model a form fitting honeycomb mask.  Once the two masks and corresponding honeycomb neck piece were 3D Modeled, they were then 3D Printed in SLS Nylon material and dyed jet-black. The haunting props debuted online and billboards throughout Los Angeles, California.



Recreating KFC's Colonel Sanders through 3D Scanning & Printing


For KFC's national commercial "Every Ville in America,” we created intricate custom-made props to supplement the story. The commercial’s narrative includes a map strewn across a table with pins. Each pin was capped with the Colonel’s face and  placed on the map -representing a specific location the Colonel had traveled to. The concluding message of the humorous commercial explained the Colonel’s favorite location, Nashville Tennessee, as it featured Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders. In order to replicate Colonel Sanders’ likeness for these pins, we first 3D Scanned a bobblehead of Colonel Sanders.  Several mini Colonel Sanders heads were then 3D Printed, Airbrushed, and Detail-Painted so that they could be used as comical pins in the national commercial. The pieces were hero props of the ad, tying the whole aesthetic of the commercial together.



3D Scanning for HP's Sprout Commercials


We collaborated with HP to create custom props for their national commercials promoting their new and innovative product, HP Sprout.  The intuitive and immersive technology of Sprout allows anyone to grab an object in the physical world, manipulate it in the digital world, and bring it back to life through 3D technology.  For this project, we aided in 3D Scanning, 3D Designing, and 3D Printing a variety of objects that were featured as hero props in the ads.  Our 3D Printing tech was specifically featured in two national commercials: “Jane” and “A Family Legacy.  "Jane" showcased a 3D Printed mask composed of a 3D Sculpted butterfly and 3D Scanned shell.  "A Family Legacy," featured a series of 3D Scanned antiques, including: a baby shoe, two airplanes, a lock, a flower, and a dumbell. The 3D Printed items in this particular ad were scaled down during the 3D Printing process so they could be elements attached to a baby mobile --overall displaying Sprout’s capability to engage creativity among its users.  Both commercials revolve around the nostalgia and joy of re-creating something --combining classic outlets for creativity with new accessible technology. Not only did these pieces of art serve as primary props for the entire commercial stories, but they showcased just how one can bring imaginative ideations to life.  



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