SLS 3D Printing 10,000+ Figurines in Powder Nylon for Blizzard


To produce a one-of-a-kind, Guinness-Award-Winning convention diorama, we partnered with Blizzard Entertainment to create their World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth display, 3D Printing over 11,000 unique, red & blue miniature Warcraft avatar figurines. As an act of brand loyalty, Blizzard gave back to their fans at the largest gaming convention BlizzCon 2017 -- featuring custom-made characters created by WoW’s devout fanbase.  For the process, we 3D Modeled over 11,000 uniquely customized World of Warcraft characters belonging to BlizzCon 2017 attendees.  SLS Nylon 3D Printing was used to produce the massive order since the process doesn’t have structural supports during printing --allowing large batches of smooth and seamless figurines. The color dye options included red and blue to represent the two sides of the gaming world: the Alliance (blue) and the Horde (red). Upon completion, each unique figure was given a specific ID number, packaged, and shipped.  The final picture was brought to life at BlizzCon 2017 and the display was immortalized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Largest Video Game Diorama.



SLA 3D Printing in Resin for Kong Skull Island


To prelude the release of Kong: Skull Island, we partnered with Warner Brothers and Legendary Entertainment to produce custom 3D Printed figurines that would serve a role in the film’s unique marketing campaign.  A choice number of notable social media influencers, as well as movie cast and crew members, were selected to have their likeness be captured in the design of these 3D Printed figures.  Among the influencers chosen for the promotion, stars such as Graham Norton, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Tom Hiddleston were featured.  To accurately capture each person’s likeness, we 3D Modeled the 40 members based off of photographs given to us. Photo references provided included a front, side, and back views of the talent’s face, so that an accurate representation of their image could be sculpted in Zbrush.  The finished 3D Models were 3D Printed in smooth, high-resolution resin -- which creates the perfect base for Painting + Finishing. Each 3D Printed person was hand-painted in detail, with their outfits made to resemble the leads’ ensembles in Kong.  The final figures were shared across their official social media outlets in countries all around the world.



H1Z1's Custom FDM 3D Printed ABS Trophies


We teamed up with the Counter Logic Gaming to produce custom, camera-ready trophies for the winners of H1ZI’s Elite Series gaming tournament. Hosted by Dreamhack Atlanta, the Elite Series brought together the top performing players of the single-elimination, massive game H1Z1: King of the Kill.  We had the privilege of collaborating with the grand esports tournament --producing 6 3D Printed prizes for the competition’s winners.The bases of the trophies were FDM 3D Printed in ABS Plastic in two variations. This type of plastic is the quickest and cheapest material to print in --allowing us to make large-scale bases for the awards without being drastically heavy. These bases were then Finished + Painted in bronze, silver, and gold for their respective 3rd, 2nd, and 1st prize winners. The feature topping the awards was the game’s own logo, which was SLA 3D Printed in a semi-translucent resin material.  The H1Z1 logo skulls were sanded and gently airbrushed a translucent red paint before being fixed to the tops of the awards. The final products were then presented to the H1Z1 champions at the broadcasted event.  



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