3D Modeling 40 Influencers for Kong Skull Island


To prelude the release of Kong: Skull Island, we partnered with Warner Brothers and Legendary Entertainment to produce custom 3D Printed figurines that would serve a role in the film’s unique marketing campaign.  A choice number of notable social media influencers, as well as movie cast and crew members, were selected to have their likeness be captured in the design of these 3D Printed figures.  Among the influencers chosen for the promotion, stars such as Graham Norton, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Tom Hiddleston were featured.  The finished 3D Models were 3D Printed in smooth, high-resolution resin -- which creates the perfect base for Painting + Finishing. Each 3D Printed person was hand-painted in detail, with their outfits made to resemble the leads’ ensembles in Kong.  The final figures were shared across their official social media outlets in countries all around the world.





Mechanical Design for Batman v Superman


For the theatrical film Batman v Superman, we 3D Modeled and 3D Printed MOCAP Design's motion capture helmets. Motion capture headcams were imperative for the live action film --allowing the cast members Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Gal Gadot among others, to effectively carry out the dynamic action-film fight scenes. These head cameras are composed of a modular 3D Printed parts which come together to make the helmet fully adjustable, lightweight, and incredible stable --all ideal features to capture the facial motions of actors on set.  



Recreating Likeness with Ron Howard's Custom Chess Set


We teamed up with Reed Howard to create a custom chess set for his father Ron Howard. Reed invented the concept of this one-of-a-kind chessboard involving characters and relics from the the Oscar-winning director’s films. In order to discern one side of the chess pieces from the other, one side of the board represented fictional characters from Ron’s films while the other side represented non-fictional, or more realistic, characters. Photo references of characters were given to us in order to 3D Model the chess pieces. Each figures was designed and sized to represent a given chess piece ranging from King to Pon. The first set of 32 chess pieces was 3D Printed in resin and Hand-Painted with acute attention to detail. Upon the success of this painted chess set being received, a second set was 3D Printed and then Metal-Plated in silver and gold. Ron Howard received this special and intricate present for his birthday, posting his appreciation for it on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.



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